In 1970's , Home Inspections began as a consumer service in direct response to the growing demands by home buyers. It also became apparent that selecting a Home Inspector was becoming as important as finding the right home. Whether you are an agent or a broker, lender, appraiser, builder or real estate attorney, your consumer often look to you for recommendations on who they should hire to conduct the home inspection.

You can trust that Precise Property Inspection will deliver exceptional service and expert technical knowledge, enabling your customers to make informed decisions about the sale or purchase of a home. Through our Services, we look forward to making a valuable contribution to your next real estate transaction by providing reliable and highly accurate services for your clients.

PHI has developed a system for the home inspection that makes us to understand exactly what does a real estate professional needs to seal the deal.

  • Every single transaction is highly important.
  • Sell more properties
  • List more properties
  • Sell property for the higher value and fast
  • Find tools that remove obstacles to the sale and help with closing the deal

To achieve these objectives Precise Property Inspection follows these fundamental keys:

  • Less Buyers Discomfort - whether your prspect's home is old or new our Certified Home Inspector expert helps them with the peace of mind they deserve.
  • Professional Image and Creditibility - a professional Home Inspection Report helps lend credibility to the image of the real estate professional. It assures prospects that the firm and it's sales associates are honestly concerned with the best interests of the both buyer and seller.
  • More Sales - Buyers may be positively influence by a professional home inspection report, improving the speed, price and likelihood of a sale.
  • Less Negotiations - prior acknowledgment of any defects reflected in the sales price may leave buyers with fewer objections.

Precise Property Inspection will benefit and protect the interests of all parties involved in transaction as the chance of surprises are minimized, negotiations go smoother and your relationship with your client is elevated.